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Happy eat choco-eggs and bunnies day! :D


Happy eat choco-eggs and bunnies day! :D

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Photos of my Lemur head I won from FuckYeahFursuiting's amazing charity raffle! This head was a collaboration between AutmnFallings and PhoenixWolfSuits and it is an absolute work of art!

Thank you so much to FYF for organizing the charity raffle, AutumnFallings and PhoenixWolf for creating such a stupendous little Lemur, it’s gonna be an honor to wear this little darling around!

Thank you so, so much!

(Note: The hand paws are part of another fur suit partial of mine, I just wanted to have some more convincing photos. I’ll be making a partial for it soon!)

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Bunch of pics going on my first outing. Wilbuh is made by @luckygumfursuits

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(not sure who made it) Fursuit Maker

Bottom Pic (with fursuiter creds)

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